And the Beat Goes On

One month after my post, what exactly has changed in the world of… well, in the world?

The peak of the COVID outbreak in the south-west has definitely passed, and we were less badly hit than most. Fewer and fewer COVID patients are being admitted to ICU. The hospital is slowly transitioning back to normal, with planned procedures having been happening for around two weeks now.

As this happens, the foundation doctors are being returned to their previous roles. I personally will be rejoining my colleagues in Obs and Gynae up the hill. I was initially disappointed at missing out on more ICU opportunities, but actually I did enjoy O&G, and given how relatively quiet things are on ICU at the moment, I can see how it totally makes sense.

So it's more caesarean sections and pregnancy for me!

Something that's been coming up in conversation… where did all the regular admissions go?
The word on the street is that A&E has been ghostly quiet as people are avoiding coming in for fear of COVID.
People aren't going out, getting drunk, crashing cars, falling off walls, taking overdoses, granted.
The frail probably aren't exerting themselves as much, so that could explain part of it.
But where are the strokes, the acute MI. I don't even want to think about where are the 'fall and long lies' are.
Probably people are sitting on things they really should be coming into hospital for, and will sadly be sicker for it later.

So we'll probably get a wave of patients presenting late to hospital who would have come to hospital earlier. Reverse flatten the curve.

And because in the SW our initial COVID peak was so light, it's possible we're due a nastier second wave later. Possible.

Anyway, the most exciting news is that businesses are starting to open up for takeaway again. Coffee shops, bakeries. The important stuff.
Given that I'm starting to dream about eating out again, this couldn't have come soon enough!