Core Values

Lately I'm making a lot of effort towards building good habits and working towards personal goals.
I'm trying to read more regularly, I'm practicing guitar, I'm finally learning that language I've been meaning to. These are all things I've been putting off for a long time, and I've decided to turn over a new leaf and get on with doing these things regularly. So this should feel good, right?

Instead what I'm feeling is an immense time pressure from all the things I've decided I need to do each day. Each evening becomes a period of time to somehow complete the myriad tasks and hobbies I have taken upon myself. The closer I get to fitting everything in, the more stressed I seem to become, now deprived of any time to relax or spend time with my partner.

I just feel like there aren't enough hours in the day.

Do I need to set aside a whole evening to one interest at a time, and spend longer, more infrequent periods doing things?
OR do I just need to take on fewer things at once? In that case, how to I choose which interests to pursue and which to let languish?

Or perhaps I need to reassess, and decide which hobbies I value most, and accept that I can't do everything.