Everything Was, Everything Is

With everything going on around this global pandemic, stress levels are high. I know mine are anyway. There's nothing I can do to address the cause of this stress, It's just that the ongoing total upheaval of society, and the news of a real (though small) chance of early demise due to this virus leaves everything uncertain.

Just now I went for a walk outside. With not a cloud in the sky the heavens shone and the moon lit the ground. A passer by waved hello as they walked their dog. All was still and all was calm. A perfectly brisk air hit me, not too cold, not too warm.
And as I walked, for a second I was alone with myself, thinking about the ordinary. The streets are as they were. A beautifully lit driveway, someone spent a lot of time and effort on that.

For a second everything felt normal.

Everything was and everything is. And in one years time I hope I can take that same walk, and think how worried we all were, and how the situation was resolved through hard work and ingenuity and society coming together. And that we learned from that.